Meet the Maker

Carlie is the creator behind Into the Pines and has recently relocated to Bay Village, OH. She has been running this business for 7 years now and hopes to keep on growing! She has always been a maker of things and started this business by combining her love of crystals and geometric shapes to create simple, yet, eye catching jewelry. She loves to use different techniques such as hammering, shaping, stamping, and patinas to create texture and ensure her pieces are unique.

Carlie's passion and goal in life, along with creating, has been to see as much of this world as possible, visit as many countries as possible, and meet and learn from as many amazing people as possible. She has been lucky enough to see so much of this world, though, now that she has two little boys, her idea of adventure has changed! Her inspiration for jewelry making and creating comes from the many adventures she's been lucky enough to experience as well as the wonderful, helpful, and generous people she's met along the way.

Her dream is that all of her pieces go on some kind of adventure once they leave her hands and enter your life!